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I'm Josh Wilson, the person behind Flywheel Strategies. I draw upon decades of leadership in higher ed IT, commercial ed tech, and open source communities to help you solve the toughest challenges facing your organization. I help your team develop and deliver complex strategic initiatives, meaningfully engage and retain stakeholders, and become more effective leaders at any level of the organization.

Joshua Wilson


Flywheel Strategies offers strategic expertise and a broad slate of services to help your team achieve sustained success over time.

Change Management

Most teams struggle with change initiatives. I guide your team in building support for change by communicating openly, generating excitement about what’s possible, and encouraging stakeholders to become active participants.

pink and orange abstract picture
Pink and orange abstract picture

Strategic Planning

I gather insights from the voices of your stakeholders, identify a collective purpose that engages your community, and build a plan that guides your community to become the best version of itself.

Stakeholder Engagement

I engage with your constituents, which requires patience, a lot of listening, plenty of honest consultationa, and the right amount of persuasion. I'm expert at building lasting bridges to your stakeholders.

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Alliance Building

Progress happens when your team can rely on allies within your organization to champion projects, transmit information, and provide honest feedback. I excel at helping your team nurture long-term, productive relationships with key stakeholders.

Initiative Realization

Complex strategic initiatives require a special touch. I'm adept at making projects successful, most often by recruiting allies, estabishing common cause, and taking advantage of unexpected opportunities

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Leadership Building

I combine leadership theory, experience from the front lines, and personalized coaching to challenge your team. members to become thoughtful, empathetic leaders no matter where they sit in your organization.

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